1What is brand and what does it have to do with the printing company I choose?
A brand is the tattoo left on the brain. Good branding will conjure your product in people’s minds, but great branding will convey a very particular and carefully crafted feeling or impression about that product – your brand identity. At Purple Print you can be sure that by using a professional printer that understands the importance of your brand and marketing, all aspects of your printing will be produced to the highest standards.
2Can you match the colours in my current logo and branding exactly?
Whether your job is suited to PMS colour or CMYK (full colour printing), you can trust Purple Print to provide you with a superior colour match every time.
3Can I make my printing more environmentally friendly?
Absolutely! Coupled with our technologies aimed at reducing environmental impact through our manufacturing process.
4How can I get a quote?
Please call or email us and one of our print consultants will be happy to respond about your printing needs.
5Does Purple Print oer a design service?
Yes, we have talented graphic designers to help you create whatever you need for your branding.
6Can you manage all my printing needs?
Yes. Please call or email us today to see how we can further assist with your printing needs.